Glass canape platters or cutting boards

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You will love the vivid colors in these tempered glass platters!


Heat resistant and sanitary, load your platter with canapés, cheese or other treats the next time you have friends over, and enjoy watching the glorious colors reappear as your guests snack! Sure to be a conversation piece. This textured glass will even stand up to use as a cutting board, so slice and dice to your heart's content. Each platter is fitted with four rubber feet to ensure that they won't slip on your countertop or table.

After you have washed it up (yes, these will tolerate hot water and soap - even a spin in the dishwasher, although hand washing is recommended), don't hide your canapé platter in the cupboard; use a plate stand in front of a sunny window, or even backlight it in a glass fronted cabinet!

Concerned about the durability of this form of convergent media art? Recently I had a table of these on display at an art show. The inevitable happened - one of the wooden stands broke, and one after another every platter fell, crashing and clattering. It scared the living daylights out of everyone in the room! The damage? Not one platter showed any cracking or chipping. So, whilst I certainly don't recommend dropping your platter, rest assured that these are tougher than they look. 

Your glass canapé platter is produced using a technique known as dye sublimation. The image is literally infused into the reverse surface of the platter, so it cannot wash off, or be damaged from the upper surface. You can even use these on a day to day basis as classy cutting boards, with no fear of damaging the image!

Should you choose to display your platter in a window, the UV light will eventually cause some fading... but it would be a shame to miss out on those vibrant colors in the meantime!

Julia Springer's tempered glass canapé platters are US made, and are decorated in her studio in Shepherdstown, WV using her own art work.